A Boutique Hotel Near Yanhee Hospital

2012 05 23 19 34 24

At present, Yanhee Hospital has been accepted as a world-class JCI hospital and a leading institution in plastic surgery in the world. More and more people prefer to seek treatment at this hospital. Normally, after receving surgical treatment, the patient will need to find a place not far from the hospital for recuperation. And Charlie House Pin Klao is one of the convenient places of your choice, especially if you are a nature lover and like to stay in a garden house located near Yanhee.

People from the provinces to undergo plastic surgery may need to receive repeated examinations and treatments. For example, after undergoing an operation for your nose at Yanhee, you may come to stay at Charlie House Pin Klao for some days. You can travel between Yanhee and Charlie without wasting your time and money. While at Charile, you can look at the trees and flowers around and enjoy the shady and peaceful environment. This will make you happy and quicken your recovery.

You can choose a most convenient way, to travel between Charile House Pin Klao and Yanhee Hosiptal from the following:

  • By car on Charan Sanit Wong Road, using about 15 minutes.
  • By bus No.170 you will get to the opposite of the hospital without changing buses.
  • By motorbike, Motorbikes for hire can always he found at the entrance to the lane. Fare is to be agreed upon beforehand.
  • By taxi, Taxis are coming and going on the road off the lane 24 hours a day. You can beckon one with a red light at the left side of the windscreen.